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Services:  Marketing on the Internet

Carolina Web Design Services, LLC designs and creates small business Web Sites, just like this one (except it will end in, to get your business on-line for only  $499.  Why pay other companies thousands? There are no hosting fees and no domain fees, so you can have your site up and running in a day or two and  you pay nothing more! Or, you can add more pages and capacity, or a .com domain if you upgrade through (like this one). Five pages are included in the free plan, which is more than enough for most small businesses.  It's that simple!  Please see my "Photos"  page of business websites that I have either created and maintain, or that I've started for clients and they currently maintain. By Marketing on the Internet, you can grow your business and increase brand awareness.

  • $499 - The basic service includes web design for your small business using your logos, graphics, and verbiage.  I can help with this, but of course you know your business better than me and have your 3 minute elevator pitch already memorized.  Web Design includes 5 free pages with the basic service, and a subdomain that ends in  You can choose to upgrade to different membership levels, (or point your current domain to the free website)  but you will pay the hosting company directly for those services.  (You can add more pages; purchase a domain that ends in .com, set up e-commerce and a checkout area, and more!) . This initially includes up to 5 pages and 10 hours of web design; each additional page is $10 and $50 per hour.


  • $50For an additional $50 I can create a matching Facebook Business page for your business or I can link your current one to your website for no additional cost.  *$50 fee includes creating a matching info-graphic banner and using your logo so your Facebook business page reinforces your brand and market image using a check list to insure you have everything on your Facebook page (logo, tag line, website, email, etc. )  Facebook is crucial - it will market to all of your friends and family, and their friends and family for a dynamic effect.  


  • $50 hourly Marketing Products- I will help you create your business cards, flyers, etc.  I know the best places on the web to get your products, so I can create your products for your to order.  I do not produce the marketing products, I help you design and order them from another on-line company that has the best prices I've found. 
  • $50 hourly - Logo Design- I can create a simple logo for you for you to use on your website and marketing products.   *This is not included in web design.

  • $50 hourly- SEO for your website -  If you already have a website and a Facebook Business page, but you just haven't linked it up with anything, then you really need to connect to Google & Yahoo Places, Bing, Manta, etc.  Then connect to your social media, & review your website key words settings.   I can help you create an AdWords or Facebook campaign, which is paid advertising, where you set your monthly advertising limits.  A Facebook campaign, in my opinion, is a great option because it allows you to most effectively target your "target market".  I have created an organic SEO worksheet that has helped many clients rank higher on Google and other Search Engine Site.  It takes several hours to complete, but it is worth it!  


  • $50 - Consulting service for one hour.  Increase Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by adding an AdWords campaign or advertise directly to customers in your target area that already like your products or services in their profile.  Or we can focus on other topics like computer training, organization skills, pre-venture start-up advice, accounting, management, HR, credit, loan packaging assistance, or other small business needs.  This hourly rate is used for designing marketing materials and business apps.  If you have a need that I haven't addressed, please email me to see if I can help.  

  • Free - I teach you to edit and maintain your website, and give you directions that contain easy to follow screen print step-by-step instructions. Or, I can edit your site starting at $25.00 per edit, which covers 30 minutes of editing after I create your website.


  • Free - I will create a mobile version of your website, so consumers using Smart Phones can easily read your website.

  • Free - Connect to Social Media - I can link your web site to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and add buttons to Like, Share, or Tweet.  This is another way to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - the more websites that have a link to your website, the higher your "organic" SEO will become, which means higher visibility, which equal higher sales. I will also add your logo and link to my website, for added SEO and exposure.


Any logos that I create for you will be emailed to you, FREE, for your use so you can consistently brand your business by adding it to your letter head, invoices, business cards, and flyers. 

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Business Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Internet Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Website Review & Editing
  • Google AdWords Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Consultation & Training: I can teach you how to market your business and understand Cyber Technology so YOU can be in empowered to run your business better! Marketing on the Internet doesn't have to be scary or expensive. 

Why Do I need a web site?

  • Spread Your Message
  • Reinforce Your Brand
  • Validate Your Business
  • Increase Sales & Awareness
  • Maximize Advertising Budget
  • Show Clients Your Portfolio 24/7
  • Increase Search Engine Optimization
  • YOUR Competition is already on-line! 
  • #1 Reason: 97% of consumers research their purchases online (according to Google Seminar).  
Customers can't find you if you are not online!

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