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Do I need a Facebook Business Page for my website? 

Yes you do need a Facebook Business page for your business!  Every organization needs to take advantage of free resources, no matter how big or small your organization is! 

Since we are all on a tight budget, we can use Facebook to get the word out about upcoming events or sales, rather than the traditional radio or paper advertisements that are very costly.  

The best part is, your friends, family, and clients are always happy to help your business!    

Why is Social Media important?  It is a FREE way to market your business and the most effective way to reach your target market.  Every small business needs to use social media in at least one way.  

A survey conducted by CompTIA in 2012 found that that benefits of using social networking tools include:
  • Better communication with clients (61%);
  • Brand positioning (49%);
  • Real-time customer satisfaction (48%); and
  • Potential lead generation (43%).

What are you waiting for?  

Click Here for  simple instructions I made to help my clients - I charge $50 to create a matching Facebook Business page and link it to your website, but you can do this for FREE!