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Commonly Asked Questions


  1. Do I really need a website to promote my business?

    Um, YEAH, you do! 97% of consumers research local purchases before buying them. If you are not on the internet, you will not be in the running for those sales; don't give the competitions all of your business!

  2. Can a smart phone find my website?

    YES! Smart phones can find websites easily; the problem is sometimes YOU can't read the website. Be sure to make a mobile version of your website so that you can be found when a consumer is looking for you on-the-go.

    Interesting Fact that I heard last week: There are more smart phones than toothbrushes in the world... YIKES! You need to make your website is "smart phone" friendly - apparently smart phones are not just a trend ...even rough and toothless people are using them!

  3. How do I get people to see my website?

    Boost visibility by increasing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), connect to a free Facebook business page, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts, and any other social media tool that you use.  Connect with Google Places too, and make sure you have a mobile version of your website.

  4. How come people can't find my website?

    • So you have a great website, but no visitors?
    • Have you checked your website settings to make sure you have your keywords listed?
    • Are you connected to your Facebook business page or other Social Media likeFour Square, Twitter or LinkedIn?
    • Are you signed up for search sites like Google Places, Yahoo Places, Bing, Manta or other search sites?
    • Social Media is FREE - take advantage of that - and don't forget to LINK it to your website!
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