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What's a Search Engine and How does that work with my website?

Posted on December 10, 2012 at 1:30 PM

What is a Search Engine? What can I do to help optimize my website for a Search Engine Program: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A. The History of Search Engines -

1. Created to read every page on the internet to INDEX them by keywords

2. Crawler - Spider-Bots read each word and test each link on every page on the internet to rank them

B. How are they Ranked?

1. Ranked by phrases used on each page (but not too many – you can get de-listed = very bad)

2. Amount of incoming links to that page

3. Content is important

4. Now there are 150 aspects that go into Ranking, not just words and links

5. Google #1 search engine; they change algorithm frequently

6. Other things important: Age of domain address, how long in future it is registered for, How many inbound links are there (relevant links, not paid ‘link farms’), inbound links from “higher quality” sites are more valuable (example, if CNN linked to you rather than Joe’s Bakery it would be a higher ranking)

C. 5 steps to improve Google Ranking

1. Give Google good HUMAN content, use descriptive words that represent your business, Blogs do well because they have lots of words/verbiage

2. Have good quality in bound links (Google places, search sites,, etc)

3. Update your website frequently – don’t let it be dormant, action gives you ranking (a Blog works well here too)

4. Don’t use FLASH – Google can’t read it (it is Animation – I don’t know coding for Flash, so if you worked with me, then you don’t have it  ) use words, not just graphics (Spiders can't ready graphics or videos)

5. Get help from a RELIABLE person, not a charlatan making false claims (see someone like Nancy Williamson at the Newberry Area SBDC, I’m free when you come into my office!)

D. No Fast way to get to the top

1. No one can guarantee you first page ranking (hang up if they do)

2. SEO – there are legitimate ways to increase your ranking, takes time, up to a year even

3. Different computers get different Google results, based on browser history, location, etc

4. Give Website time to improve ranking – be patient, may take a while for the SPIDERS to CRAWL on your page

5. Expect ranking fluctuations, as your competitors will try to get to the top too

Please post a comment to my Blog page if you have any tips to help small businesses improve their SEO!


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