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Nancy's Notes

Oh no, my domain is expiring! Or is it?

Posted on December 30, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Please be on the look out for fraudulent domain companies – they prey on domain owners and they are downright criminal.


WARNING: I have received several emails from the same company trying to scare my clients into renewing their domain through them. The reply email address is: - they are saying your domain is going to expire and you have to renew through them - this is SPAM and it is so frustrating because they are confusing and scaring my clients. I have gotten two of these emails in the past two days - please be on the look out. The email looks legit, and it comes from "domain service", in the very fine print it says "notification purchase offer" They told me my domain was expiring next month and so nicely offered to renew my domain for $54, when it does not expire until September and I purchased it through GoDaddy for only 9.99! PLEASE be on the look out for this and just delete it. I hit "unsubscribe" but that may not work - you should just block this address. This stuff really makes me mad and can cost my clients way more than the $54 they charge - it can cost hundreds to get your domain back! UGGGGG


PLEASE delete it. It really did cost one of my clients about $500 to get her website and domain fixed after these jerks took her money too.

The emails look very legitimate; they are offering you to renew, and the "offer" is what is expiring, not your emails.  But for busy small business owners that don't understand the terminolgy and language of cyberspace, it is misleading and they are trying to scare you into thinking your domain is expiring and you must renew it.  

Ok, enough said about that.  Have a Happy New Year!  


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