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What do I post on my Facebook Business Page? 10 easy steps

Posted on December 17, 2014 at 12:45 AM

As a business advisor, I see many small businesses that are start-ups, or many that have been in business and they are just now at the point where they want to tackle social media and the owners just don't know what to do first. When I give them their list of social media accounts to create, I usually see a twinge of fear. Social Media can be very overwhelming! Especially for those of us who grew up without a smart phone attached to our hips, or, OMG, us really old people that didn't have a computer because they weren't invented yet. I try to break down social media into easy steps for my clients to follow.

To me, the most important social media account a small business can create is, hands down, a Facebook Business page. Most of us are very active on Facebook on a personal level, although I have had several clients sit in my office and look me straight in the eye and say, I'm not making a Facebook account and you can't make me.... Like I say over and over, the Internet is NOT a trend. We need to embrace its capabilities and take advantage of free resources that will help our businesses grow. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to learn how to help your business. Mainly because your competitor down the street is already using Facebook and other social media platforms, and you are just giving him your business. Or maybe he isn't yet, so now it's your turn to grab more market share!

So anyone can do this. Easy Peasy. Go to and create your page - the site will walk you through it. Add your logo as a profile picture and your store front or products as a banner photo, and boom, you are done. Now what? Well, this is where I can help you. Here are a few tips that will help increase the visibility of your posts.

(These are actual notes that I took from a client session and turned into a guide that I can share with my other clients - you can visit this brand new website at or go to their Facebook page and hit LIKE and SHARE to really help them since they have so graciously allowed me to use them as an example to help folks like you: /

Facebook Business Page Posting Instructions

1) Always post as the business page, not as your personal page

2) Always post with a picture. If you are posting a product, you will want to add it to your online store first, so you can include the URL/Web address/domain in the post and your fb fans can go straight to the store from that post and purchase that item. (We did that this morning with the strap cutters).

3) Hashtag items that would be indexed – example, name of product and if it would be a gift, mother’s day, etc. # hashtagged items can’t have a space, or it loses the index. This is what we posted this morning: Instead of saying: Strap Cutter, great Stocking Stuffer, we hash tagged them so they would show up as an indexed item that would show up on search results: #StrapCutter #StockingStuffer, be sure you don’t leave a space between the words in your phrase.

4) Add a photo – we added the same photo of the item that we used to create the item on the website.

5) Add a link to that item that points directly to the store item so your fans can buy it now online.

6) This will Automagically be on your connected Twitter account - you don’t have to repost there.

7) Now go to the post and change how you are posting to YOUR PERSONAL PAGE, click the down arrow on the right hand side under the post

8.)  After you change who you are Liking and commenting as, hit the LIKE button and SHARE the post on your page

9) You can write something when you share it, but make sure that you change your settings for that post to PUBLIC before you post it (you can edit it to public afterwards if you forget) and you have to change that at the bottom next to the post button


10) You can add another link to your website on that post, you could say, Buy these Strap Cutters now, great Stocking Stuffers! (You don’t need to hashtag on your personal page) then paste your URL and friends and family can go right to that item. Or you could say Visit our Web Store and send them to store in that post so they can see all of your store items

Keep in mind, the more people that LIKE and SHARE your post, the more visibility you will have - ask the people that work for you to do this too! 

And that is how you post – I know it sounds like a lot, but it will be automatic soon!

Please visit my" target="_blank">Facebook business page for more tips to help your small business. 

Do you have a specific question?  Email me and I'll try to help!

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