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Nancy's Notes

iPhone Update driving you nuts?

Posted on October 19, 2013 at 1:40 PM

Is your iPhone iO7 update driving you cRaZy?? Mine sure is!

Here are some tips to help you save battery life and sanity!


Number 1: battery saving tips:  

  • Switch your phone off when you're asleep.
  • Switch off Bluetooth if you're not using it.
  • Switch off WiFi if you're not using a wireless network.
  • Switch off location services and automated Mail checks
  • If you don't need to use data services or call features on your iPhone for a while, switch it to AirPlane mode. You can do this using Control Center in iOS 7, and/or in Settings>Airplane Mode>Off/On, otherwise.
  • Reduce display brightness (Settings>Brightness/Wallpapers & Brightness. Disable Auto-brightness and manually reduce the brightness of your screen).
  • Disable 4G/3G: doing so reduces battery drain as your cellular radio seeks a signal. Settings>Cellular and switch off the Enable LTE or 4G button does the trick.
  • Disable vibrations on your iPhone in Settings>Sounds.
  • Notification Center is another feature you can control. Settings>Notification Center lets you switch off notifications for those apps you don't need to know about, or altogether if you just need a few more minutes of battery life.


Number 2: touch down with AirDrop (Not Gonna Lie... I have no clue what this means! Please comment if you do)

Number 3: Close your Apps! press your round home button twice, then slide the apps straight up the screen to close them

Number 4: Seriously, control your apps, turn off auto updates: Settings>iTunes & App Store and turn off the Updates and Apps settings. Alternatively, scroll down the page and switch off the Use Cellular Data setting: now your apps will only update when you have a WiFi connection.

Number 5: Reduce Motion: Go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion and set this setting to On. Doing so prevents the motion in the user interface, including the parallax effect.

Number 6: Static wallpaper: turn it off: iOS 7 lets you use animated wallpapers. These are nice and pretty when you have enough battery in there, but switching to a static wallpaper will slightly reduce battery drain. You'll achieve this following these steps: Settings>Wallpaper & Brightness > Wallpaper > choose a static wallpaper for your phone.

Number 7: Lose Location Turn Off: Settings>Privacy>Location Services. This gives you the choice of disabling Location Services on a per-app basis, or of switching this feature off altogether.


Please visit the site below for the full article:


Ok, one more tip that has nothing to do with saving power.  Since I updated my phone, I am having a hard time seeing the text messages with the green background and white letters.  If you bold the text, this will really help! Settings>General>Accessibility>Bold Text

Please post any other iPhone or Smartphone tips you have that may help others.  THANKS! 

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