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Nancy's Notes

Managing Your On-Line Reputation

Posted on September 10, 2013 at 2:35 PM


I attended a great class this morning, presented by Eric Spellmann (he has a great selection of brief videos for small businesses - all business owners need to check this page out:

I learned a few new things that I want to share. We discussed what an On-line reputation is - his first suggestion was that everyone Google your name and your business name and check it out. *use quotations for a better search. Look for bad reviews and negative posts. If you don't already have a domain for your business name, Eric suggested that you purchase it so your website will always come up first if someone googles your business name (and point it to your other website if you have an established one already).

If you have Bad Reviews:

  • Try to combat them by asking the poster to remove the review by responding to the review itself. Always be nice, ask kindly, and use your best customer service (kiss booty) attitude. As it turns out, many small business owners don't like to say they are sorry and the lack of apology is what keeps that review alive. (Sometimes these reviews are disgruntled customers, but some are disgruntled employees, and unfortunately you are at their mercy for removal).
  • So if you can't get rid of that bad review? Then create your own items that will show up higher on a search. Eric suggests joining the BBB, which I have never really encouraged my clients to do simply because of the cost. The BBB has extremely high google ranking so your "membership" will show up. If I remember correctly, the last time I checked into this for a client, it was over $300, and I didn't feel it was necessarily worth it (what can it do for you?) BUT, if you are in a situation like this, it might be helpful and the benefit of that listing showing up higher will help you.
  • Purchase a company domain for your business name, if you don't have a website, get one!
  • Create a Facebook Business page and Linked in account for your company. I also suggest creating a Twitter account and linking it to your Facebook page so you can post once and it automatically updates. We don't use twitter, but the young customers do (and it is FREE)
  • Get a lawyer if what is written is libel or slander.

Where do you go to search your reputation?

  • Google your name and business name first (Google gets about 95% of search requests - much higher than I thought!)
  • (he actually did this in class and my Facebook post showed up that I had made moments before!)
  • - twitter
  • - anonymous employee reviews (you can claim your business existing/ create one and be proactive)
  • - searches all hashtags.

Other free business listings you should create:

Eric’s advice when responding to reviews:

  • Don't get angry or emotional or unprofessional
  • Don't link to business to personal stuff
  • Don't tag pictures, and untag yourself
  • Don't friend your Boss or children, only friend your real friends...
  • Don't be totally invisible on the internet (that is spooky too)

Eric is a great speaker and I enjoyed his very animated seminar! ...just disappointed he didn't have his crazy floral print shirt on! :-) Maybe he will wear it tomorrw when he discusses "Using Social Media to Generate Leads"

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