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FREE Ways to Promote Your Website & Increase Organic SEO

Posted on July 2, 2013 at 11:00 AM

So you finally have an awesome website to show off your business products or services - Yay! Don't be discouraged if your business doesn't automagically pick up - you still have to do some promoting on your own so the public knows that you are there.

Think of it this way. You are out in the middle of the country (the Internet) and you build a fabulous Margarita Bar (your products or services). The problem is, no one knows you are there! You have to get a huge flashy billboard and then build more signs that point to your business (register on Google Places and other search sites). Then you need to tell your friends and family to come out and patronize you (build a Facebook Business Page), and then they need to spread the news about your new business using word of mouth (Facebook Business Page "likes" are virtual word of mouth recommendations). As the news gets out, more and more people are coming to hang out at your place. Your business will grow, but not overnight. A website helps you, but it is still a way to market your business, and you need to take advantage of all of the marketing vehicles out there so that each piece builds your overall web presence in a synergistic way.

Ok, blah blah blah, here are some FREE ways to promote your website and help people find you:

Here are 10 Free ways to Promote your Website:

1. Promotion starts earlier than you think! Choose a domain name that reflects your business and area if possible. Example: that is one that I have that points to my site.

2. Create a matching Facebook business page - they are FREE, then LINK that to your site

3. Create other social media accounts and link them to your site: Linked In, Twitter, etc.

4. Make sure you have a mobile version of your site - does this free, and so do most hosts.

5. Register on Google Places and other search sites

6. Email your friends, family, and business contacts a note that you are now open (and ask them to LIKE you on Facebook)

7. Add a link to your website when you update your Facebook posts (weekly)

8. Create a QR code to put on your marketing materials and invoices

9. Register at for your FREE analysis & recommendations

10. Promote your domain/URL/ Website address in your email signature with a hyperlink, on your business cards, invoices, everywhere!

If you need help with any of these steps, please contact me! I not only build websites, but I also help small business owners promote their business online and TEACH them how to understand social media and internet marketing. My goal is to help you understand how this all works together so your business can be a huge success! I want your business to take advantage of all of the free ways to improve your SEO (or page ranking). Then once you have done all of the organic SEO you can, I can teach you how to advertise on Google and Facebook. I even have $100 Google AdWords certificates for my clients to use when they spend $25 on Google advertising. Please call or email me to get your $100 Google AdWords certificate! (803) 629-0101, or

Nancy Williamson, CBA. Certified Business Advisor for Carolina Web Design Services LLC


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