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Nancy's Notes

Notes on Facebook Marketing Webinar

Posted on March 7, 2013 at 11:35 AM


I encourage everyone to dedicate an hour to this FREE webinar that will help you understand how Facebook can help you market your business and reach your target audience - if you own a small business you have got to watch this and take notes! If you don’t have a hour to commit, I have some notes to share with you.

"Sharing is Caring" by: You can see the link from my Facebook business page: https /

Don't have time to watch it? Here are my notes:

What can a free Facebook Business Page do?

  •  You want to market to the 90% of people that are on the internet that use Facebook
  •  Avg time is 20 minutes a day
  •  Avg time someone visits a website is only 1 minute
  •  Facebook will push people to your website

 Free Marketing: 

  1.  build brand
  2.  protect reputation
  3.  build customers
  4.  entertain customers
  5.  facilitate R&D
  6.  Drive sales - POINT people to your website  
  •  40% of followers are looking for discounts
  •  39% "like" your page to support you
  •  34% want to stay informed

 Use Photos for posts/updates - they are more effective 

  •  Shockingly 30% of questions go unanswered (no one is maintaining page)
  •  71% of Twitter complaints are ignored or unseen
  •  89% of corporate blogs is just me. me. me. me. info, nothing for customers to 'enjoy'

 How do you encourage interaction? 

  •  Ask your audience a question
  •  Ask audience to send in pics with the products they are wearing
  •  Ask audience to email with subject line of "xxx" to get a discount
  •  Make your photos and posts funny "I love Mutts and I cannot lie"
  •  We interrupt your busy day for this special announcement:
  •  JUST IN:

 Want more followers? 

  •  US QR codes to get people to your page
  •  Make posts FUNNY so people will share and like
  •  People lose interest quickly
  •  Use Animals, have an office mascot
  •  Make posts human, post pics of 'behind the scenes' Unpacking boxes, at trade shows,
  •  Have a photo contest (check Facebook rules)
  •  SHOW don't tell, more videos and pictures

 Follow your competition - how are they marketing? What are they posting? What are they sharing?

You can't just "Build it and they will come"... like a website, you have to promote it (QR codes) and be engaging in your posts

If you get a negative comment: 

  •  Try to diffuse publicly, but take it off line "I'm so sorry you feel that way, please call XXX at XXX right away to take care of this"
  •  Don't accept blame, but sound genuine
  •  Delete comment if it is negative and attacking, Block user if they do it again

Other questions:

  • Do you need fancy software and tools to organize a Facebook Social Media Advertising campaign? NOPE!
  •  You can use your camera for candid photos, they don't have to be professional
  •  Check your page for messages! Can you imagine if you ignored 30% of the customers asking you questions in your store? Yikes!

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