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Nancy's Notes

Marketing - Internet & On Land REFERRALS

Posted on November 29, 2012 at 9:05 PM

My first attempt at a BLOG... I'm hoping that we can all share our marketing tips - please add your thoughts on the subject.  I hope that others will use this as an opportunity to share their tips as well.  I've actually borrowed these REFERRAL tips from a friend.  

Just Give Them Something To Talk About... 

If You're Not Going to Ask for Referrals...You Better Give them Something to Talk About!




Some folks just won't ask for referrals. Try as I might to give them the tools to build confidence and not seem pushy or begging, they just won't go there. And that's fine! You don't have to ask for referrals to be successful in business. However, if you're not going to ask for referrals,

as the song says, "Let's give them something to talk about." Word of mouth can make the phone ring and lead to new business. I get a lot of word of mouth and our phone rings and emails buzz everyday with people who have heard about us through word of mouth and other strategies. Here's a check list of ideas I hope you're executing now or plan on executing in the future. Don't try to do all of these at once. Start a new one each month (or even every other month) and pretty soon you'll have a word-of-mouth machine in place.

1. Have an initial process that dazzles your new clients. Give them the
"Ritz" treatment in whatever fits your business.

2. Help them feel a sense of accomplishment as quickly as possible. The
result may be the sale of a product, but do it in a way that they truly
feel glad they moved forward with something important. Help them grow from
Point A to Point B in a short period of time.

3. If you have staff, find a way to have them meet them as soon in the
relationship as possible. If you go to their place of business or home,
sometimes bring your staff with you. They need to see what you do anyway.
At least have them call the new client and introduce themselves and to say
"welcome aboard."

4. Handwritten "thank you" notes shouldn't just come from you. They should
come from members of your staff as they work with your clients.

5. Always prepare a summary letter or email after a meeting. State what
decisions you made, what you said you would do, what they said they would
do - and give time frames. Then make sure you keep your promise.

6. Have fun with your business. Bring a sense of humor - not silly, but
just be fun to work with. Okay, some prospects and clients don't want that.
Fine! Be appropriate.

7. Teach them how you handle referrals (confidentiality and handle with
care) - so they feel safe talking about you to others.

8. Teach them how to talk about you - so they say the right things. (Avoid
the dreaded, "I'm just going to tell them that if they need _______ talk to

9. Teach them who your business is geared to - so you get the right kind of

10. Receive referrals in a way that encourages more. Act on referrals
quickly. Make a big deal of saying "thank you." You don't need to spend
much money, just be appreciative. Keep them in the loop. Let your referral
source know you're following up. Get the new client to thank the referral


On another note - be sure to thank those people that take the time to "LIKE" you on your Facebook business page.  By thanking them with a quick sentence and your Facebook business page URL in the post, you will be sure to make your friend feel appreciated and create more awareness about your business (their friends and family may LIKE your page as well).  Good manners are never wasted! :)












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